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Research Initiatives, Bangladesh (RIB) has launched the teaching of Chakma Language to pre-school children through PARHA Trust in Khagrachhari as part of the Kajoli Early Childhood Learning Centre. Initially two centres have been initiated in Khagrachhari. One is in Baurapara in Khagrachhari Sadar and the other is in Monatekpara at Mahalchhari.
As learning material a pocket board containing different types of cards, (containing pictures and alphabets), blackboard, story books etc. Learning through fun and games is the main approach of Kajoli. This method was first tested out in the village of Kajoli of Sripur thana of Magura district and hence its name. Children are happy to learn through their mother tongue. It also allays their fear of school.  PARHA Trust a local organization with the help of Shuvasish Chakma who is the author of a book on Chakma grammar has played a lead role in helping to transform and adapt the original Bangla pocketboard into the Chakma language. A group of people are being engaged to work through the different steps of learning the language. We hope that by introducing the Chakma alphabet in the early years of learning, Chakma children will be able to regain the use of their written script which has been going out of practice. The method of teaching introduced will help to make this learning process an enjoyable one for children.